He approached the victim, poured oil and wine over his wounds and bandaged them. Then he lifted him up on his own animal, took him to an inn and cared for him. Luke 10:34

It’s usual to hear these words.

Can you please shoulder the cost for your friend since he is short on finances?
Can you shoulder the expenses for the drinks since we have took care of the other things?
Can you shoulder her tuition in the coming semester?

We use the word “shoulder” to take care of someone. We use it to move someone from one point to another. We use it to provide for someone who can’t make ends meet.

The good Samaritan did this. He shouldered the victim. He came near to him. He poured oil on him. He bandaged his wounds. He carried him. He gave him refuge. He cared for him. The victim lacked, the Samaritan provided. The victim can’t walk, he carried him. The victim can’t heal himself, he cared for him. No one was there for the victim, the Samaritan came near. The Samaritan shouldered the victim.

Victims are around us. Victims of  addiction. Victims of marital problems. Victims of unemployment. Victims of recession. Victims of relative’s death. Victims of depression. Can you shoulder them? If we are expressing our love for our neighbor, we should do this. Someone should shoulder someone. We carry a friend’s burden. We lift a brother’s low self-esteem. We push somebody’s heart upwards when they are crushed. We might even have to give our financial resources to enable someone. We shoulder what they can’t carry. We shoulder what they can’t push or pull. We shoulder what they can’t lift.

Today, put someone on your shoulder.



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