They pass through outer and inner wall and see the God of gods on Zion. Psalm 84:8

Three kinds of walls.

One is an opaque wall. Like the wall in your house. Like the white concrete in your office or school. When you look at it what do you see? The wall.

Next has a mirror finish. It’s like the one in the carnival. You enter this mirror house. The walls have mirrors at both sides. You stare at the wall and you see this – You.

The last type is a transparent wall. You see through this edifice. Crystal clear is the scene at the other side. You look at it and view what is on the other side.

If we accept a wall in you life as an opaque wall, all you can see is the difficulty. Your vision is blocked. You can’t see through the problem. When we stare at a wall of a challenge as the second one, we focus on what we can do to overcome the wall. We rely on our strength. We depend on our own. We look at our resume. We look at our diplomas.

The psalmist urges us to look at any wall in life as the third one. Walls of temptations. Walls of unnecessary burdens. Walls of health problems. Walls of worries and concerns. Walls of marital issues. We look at the wall and see the other side. Outer or inner, we see the other side. When we see the other side, we see the God who prepares the other side for us. We see that He will bring us from the outer to the inner. We see we can pass from the outer to the inner of the wall because we see God as our refuge.

Walls are no match to God. See God through your walls.



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