Never Be Shaken

They shall never be shaken; the just shall be remembered forever. Psalm 112:6

Ely died doing what is right, this is the reason why he is remembered.

He was raised up by his parents to always do only what is right, to do only what is just. He compensated his parents’ issuance with life of justice. When he passed the board exams placing as 5th nationwide, he was promptly hired by a construction firm. He was the new civil engineer in a contracted road work in one town in our province when the event happened. He was being prodded by town mates to share some construction materials for them. Since Ely knew he can’t do it, he declined their request.  They came back with their guns smoking and killed him. They shot him at the head. I knew all these details for Ely is my brother.

Some people said, he must have let them have their way. Knowing him, his only way is what is just. Some of his colleagues said, he was new and was unknowing of the how road construction works with town mates. Knowing him, even he has spent n years on that job he will only work doing what is right. Some people said, he must have practice compromise. Knowing him, he will stand firm and never be shaken.

Go back your beliefs. Will we stand in the midst of near death threats?

Visit your vision. Are you ready to forever hold your breath for following Christ?

Hammer your heart. Are we nailed to the same cross where Jesus died?

The psalmist pitched, “They shall never be shaken; the just shall be remembered forever.” By God’s strength, may we be. May we be.


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