God indeed is my savior; I am confident and unafraid. My strength and my courage is the LORD, and he has been my savior. Isaiah 12:2

“We have no money.”

That’s what my boss told me as I was discussing with him my visa and immigration options. Though I have a renewed working visa, good for one year, I was looking at possible ways to extend our stay by converting my present visa to another working visa. The immigration lawyer hired by the company recommended this scheme. Yet, since the company is feeling the heat of recession, the company is going all out to use funds wisely.

After we’ve talked, I returned to my cubicle heaving a heavy heart. Questions climb my mind. What about my family’s stability? We are slowly adjusting to the life and culture where we are in. What about our long term goals? Our daughters’ education and the family’s charismatic community life. What about our financial obligations? Our house mortgage and sort of loans.

I can’t save the company from recession. I can’t save our family from instability. I can’t save the world from recession.

Only God can. I can’t. God can. I am free from carrying the burden. I am free from fear of instability. I am free from starting all over again. God is indeed my savior.

With God as our savior, we are confident and unafraid. Fear is not a factor. I am confident God has a plan for us. To deepen our roots or to sow us somewhere.

My strength does not lie on the company’s financial health. My courage does not depend on my attractive resume. God is my strength and and my courage.

He has been my savior. Countless times, God has shown He is in control. Incalculable moments in our life, God has reach our His mighty hands. Will He not show up and save us now?

Bring it on Mr. Recession.

I have God as my savior.



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