Too Close

Then children were brought to him that he might lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples rebuked them… Matthew 19:13

Have you stop someone from getting near to Jesus?

The disciples did. Kids are being brought to Jesus when they rebuked the people who are doing this. What were the disciples thinking? Maybe they wanted their own time with Jesus. Maybe they thought Jesus was done for the day. Maybe Christ is not for children, the disciples decided. Maybe Jesus is exclusive only for the disciples, they speculated. Maybe they thought neither needed the other.

So, why you did it?

You wanted time for you and Jesus. You were praying or reading the bible when a friend called you on your phone asking for help. You hung up on him and continued your spiritual moments.

You said Jesus has no time for this kind of people. Jesus has time for all. He blesses his children 24/7. His door is always open, never close. His heart always has room for one or more.

You thought Jesus plays favorites. That He has love only for an age level. That He has grace only for a certain race. That He blesses only a specific lineage. Last time I know, Jesus is an ageless and a colorless God.

You claimed Jesus is exclusive for you or for your group. He is not. He is inclusive. Jesus is not under contract with anyone. He works freelance.

Or you did not see they need Christ or Jesus has no interest in them. They are of no use. They are worth nothing. Jesus will let them go anyway. Jesus will not go after them anyway. You saw it wrong. They need Him. He wants them.

Disciples follow Jesus closely. But when you think you’re too close to Jesus, you might be blocking someone from getting near to Him.

Dedicate your ears to Christ. Listen and hear Him say, “Let them come to Me…”



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