Immediately the one who received five talents went and traded with them, and made another five. Matthew 25:16

He did not waste any precious seconds or minutes. He went immediately after receiving the loaned talents. He went immediately to double the amount of the talents. One would inquire, “Why the rush?”

I cannot answer for this servant. I can try to retort for us. We can respond to the call of service immediately. Without rolling our eyes, we can take the route to the mission field. Without dilly dallying we can pack and go with confidence. Here’s why.

Know the Giver. His love is constant whatever the result of the mission. We know we can depend in His power not on our skills. We know we can stand by His grace and providence. Any mission has its beginning and its end and He is present in all the time with us. We will find challenges along the way, but we will find Him lifting us in every hurdle. When we know the Giver, we can give ourselves immediately.

Know your talents. It’s not the same weight as the above but it’s important. It’s important to know what you can do so you can ask God what He can do. Empower the laborers. What do you possess? Pray to the Giver to bless your gifts. Scan the mission field. Where will you use the talents? Pray to the Giver to bless the receiver(s) of your talents. When we know our gifts, we know what we can share immediately.

Souls are perishable goods. Don’t delay. Serve Him immediately.



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