God Loves Me

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life. John 3:16

What does it mean?

I don’t need to perform to gain His love.
I can’t do anything that will decrease or increase His constant love for me.
His love is not dependent on somebody’s love for me.
He loves me despite I fail to love Him.
I can categorically fail to love someone, yet He will not fail to love me any single second.
His love is a gift, He gives it freely, I receive it freely.
I can make a big time mistake at work or at home, His love for me isn’t affected by that.
His love is not dependent the way I love myself.
I will experience hardships and difficulties and these things don’t measure His love for me.
Someday somehow I will feel unloved, yet this loving God still loves me.
I will fail in attaining my dreams, it doesn’t mean His love has failed me.
I will fall into sin again and again, again and again He will assure me of His love.
There will be hunger and strife in the world, it does not mean lack of His love.
Seasons will change, my situations will change, His love will not.
An important person whom I admire snubs me, I cannot equate this as fading of God’s love.
I don’t keep my prayer time and scripture time, I still keep His love.
Where I am in life doesn’t mean where I am in His love.
I can go on vacation, His love doesn’t.
I love with limitations, He knows no such when it comes to love- He gave His only Son.

God loves me. Period.


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