…and when he was made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him… Hebrews 5:9

For a non-electrical person, you see the the wall convenience outlet as the source of electricity. Yeah, that’s the small colored white or off-white plastic patched on your wall. You get power from it. You power your devices from it. For an electric person, that rectangular thingy is just a convenience outlet. It’s a channel not the source. Behind your electric outlet are strands of copper wire with maybe length of some hundred miles. At the end of those wires is a generator, which generates electric power. That’s the source. It’s the spring of electric everything. It’s the fount of why you have lighting and you can work your appliances. Most of the time we don’t acknowledge it as the source since we only see the outlet for convenience.

Ha! Convenience.

Some people may say I don’t need Jesus as I don’t do harm to my neighbor. Some people may say I follow all laws and regulations, I am good. You keep your obligations to your family, work and country, you’re a model citizen. You do social work. You feed the hungry. You help at the senior’s housing. You educate street kids. You volunteer at the orphans’ asylum. This is what we call – good without God. Isn’t this convenience?

The writer to the Hebrews cleared this long time ago. Jesus is the source of salvation. He is the generator of salvation. Jesus is the spring of our deliverance. He alone is. Our obedience is a channel. Our goodness is an outlet.  Our good works are wires.

Be glad salvation doesn’t depend on us. For Jesus is the source of eternal salvation.


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