Level Ground

And he came down with them and stood on a stretch of level ground. Luke 6:17a

The doctor of psychology went into the interrogation room. His friend-policeman asked him to inquire about a man who was suspected of a wrongdoing. The lawmen tried to talk the suspect out but to no avail. The suspect was shaking as he bended his head and his knees on the floor, as he closed the door. He stole a glimpse at the new room mate. For about five minutes, the professional only got nods and ah-ams. If there was conversation , it was one way. The doctor inquired more and the suspect replied less.

The communication changed when the doctor decided to sit just like the suspect. He put his butt on the cold floor inches away from the suspect. The suspect lifted his head and from then on, he elaborated his problems, issues and what he has done. The doctor leveled with him. And this made the difference.

I’ve been there. You’ve been there. We’ve been all there.

You feel no one understands. Your parents can’t relate to what you’re undergoing. Your older siblings do not sympathize with you. The younger blood can’t help you out. Your friends are busy in their own concerns. Your co-workers’ motto is mind your own business. Your classmates are not your mates. Even your dog, miscommunicates with you. You feel you are all alone in what is happening in your life. No one is in place in your place. Nobody gets in what your are getting at. No one gets to your level.

Jesus stood in level with his disciples. Who is Jesus? He is the Son of God. Who are his disciples? Ordinary men. At this time, they stood on the same level. No. God did not put himself above them. He stands where they stand. He puts himself to their place. God meeting ordinary men. Heaven in level with the  earth.

Whatever you are undergoing nowadays, Jesus stands with you closer than ever. You are not alone if you think you are. Jesus stands where we stand to understand us. Talk to him. Speak with him, take your time. Be open and confess what you have done or what you want to do. Give him your burdens.

Lift up your heads now. He is with you, in level on your ground.


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