They shall never be shaken; the just shall be remembered forever.  Psalms 112:6

CYA. Graduation. Danny. Joseph. Jazmin. Emmaruth. Young Professionals for Christ. Saturday nights. Old Holy Angel Chapel. Kamayan. Christ’s Tenants in the Vineyard. Ilo-ilo. Lingkod-Angeles. Ming. Francis. Michelle. Emy. Jazmin again. Branch. Unity Games. Holy Family. CLP. Carmelite. Women for Christ. Jocas. Herman. Carlos. Ding. Ecs. Chas. Natna. Glo. Rhods. Sassie. April. Sto. Rosario Elementary School. Outreach. Olongapo. Dennis. Joseph. Chas. John. Office at Sto. Entierro. National Leaders’ Training Conference. Fontana. Dexter. Mayona. Beng. Office at L&S. Romin. Gagay. Outreach. San Fernando. Nars. Mitz. Jun. Eighteen.

God. Call. Workplace. Single. Working. Conversion. Commitment. Community. Culture. Commission. Vision. Mission. Brothers. Sisters. Servanthood. Yesteryears. Present. Future. Grace. Strength. Mercy. Courage. Confidence. Consistency. Faithfulness. Holiness. Refuge. Stronghold. Loyalty. Passion. Love. Service. Ability. Availability. Of God. From God. For God. Never shaken. Never forgotten.


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