Studying His Word

Rather, the law of the LORD is their joy; God’s law they study day and night. Psalm 1:2

You thought you must be a bible-toting person to do this.

You carry the Word everywhere you go. You have it in your back pack. You have it in your home desk, in your office cubicle. You look at those missionary guy with their handbag armed with the Word as your model.  You thought the pastor passes this verse. You thought that would be it. Carry it. Read it. Have it in your bag. Have it whenever, wherever you might be.

As you reflect about it further, it convinces you there’s more than that.

Do you experience joy when you follow the Lord’s law? When you are up to something yet you know you will violate his Word, do you have joy or sadness since you did not attain what you should have achieved? Are you joyful when you follow him or do you feel this great depression since you think you are not free to do or say what you want to?

This is God’s law as your study all day and all night. You don’t keep it in your bag, you keep it in your heart. You just don’t carry it, you carry it on the way you live, the way you speak or the way you accomplish things. Those things above will surely help, yet what matters is you put his Word into action.

In your day or night, do you study his Word? No, I’m not saying you keep on reading the Bible, which surely is good, but in your every gesture or each of your spoken word, do you consider his laws? Wait, I know what you are thinking. You think it’s like tip-toeing in life. Maybe. However, consider his Word before you do something or say something. This is studying his Word day and night. Yes, it is possible to study his laws day in and day out. It is like shaping a sculpture according to his Word. Step by step. Word after word. Action after action. Your life being shape by God’s Word.

Consider this. We sin, most of the time, because at that instant we let go of our study of his Word.

The psalmist encourages us, may God’s Word be our joy and when we follow it may it produce joy in us. The psalmist calls us, may we study God’s law day and night, keeping it in our hearts and in our minds.


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