Andrew and Emil

As he was walking by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon who is called Peter, and his brother Andrew, casting a net into the sea; they were fishermen. Matthew 4:18

Such is Andrew’s life. He was one of the first disciples, even earlier than James and John. Yet, I was thinking, was he by-passed in handling more important stuff because he was the brother of the Rock? When they introduce him before people, “Andrew- the brother of Peter.” His identity was always with his brother. When they saw him, they saw Peter. When he stands, they see the Rock standing. He has to give up his place as his brother takes the highest place. He has to go below for Peter occupies the uppermost position.

You want to know how Andrew might feel. Ask my brother Emil.

I was serving as the main man of a community of college students and single young professionals at one time. For me to fulfill a service commitment, Emil may have to stay at home to cover for me. He has to step up in my place for house chores when I give a talk in a prayer meeting. He has to shun the limelight as I stand up before people. He has to bear with the tag- “the brother of Edwin”.

I’m not saying Emil was not a leadership material or is not gifted or is not faithful. He is actually. Yet, in following the protocols of ascendance, somewhat and somehow he has to be by-passed because he is my brother. In spite all this, he followed faithfully.

And looking back, I am what I am now because of most what I’ve experienced in those years of ministry because Emil stayed at home. Because Emil descended. Because Emil who supposedly took step ups decided to step down.

You might have an Andrew or an Emil in your life. Thank them. Bless them. Love them. You were first because they were last. You were at the top since they were at the bottom. You stand up, they sat down. You are Peter because he is Andrew.


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