Make a Path

As Jesus was passing through a field of grain on the sabbath, his disciples began to make a path while picking the heads of grain. Mark 2:23

No road ahead?

No problem. Jesus can make one. Jesus will make one.

For you.

For you who maybe has been stuck in that health problem for some years now. For you whose career has stopped at one point and stagnated like dark water in the sewer. For the couple whose marriage has no life, has come to a dead end. The job you love to go to showed no way. Or maybe your finances seems to can’t go the distance.

Let’s read the verse again.

First, Jesus and the disciples made a path. There was no way, no path, no road. But they followed Jesus closely. They made a path because Jesus led them to that path. They walked where he walked. This you must do. Stick with the path Maker. Focus on him. Don’t lose sight of him where he goes, for where he goes, you must go.

Second, they picked heads of grain along the path. They picked what’s good for them. They did not pick dirt or inedible parts of the grain. They fed themselves with what’s good and what’s right. You must, too. Along the way, pick what is only good. Do not pick the bad things. Do not dwell on the hardships or difficulties. Feed yourself with what is right, with what is holy and what is noble.

If it seems your life is parked or your world have stopped, wait for it. Wait for it.

Jesus is making a path.


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