So he gave orders to have them sit down in groups on the green grass. Mark 6:39

Clearly it’s a picnic.

Where do you go for picnic? Do you go where the soil is exposed? Do you eat and have time together over brown dead grass? No.

You go to where the grass is green. You go where the sand is covered with that refreshing sight of two to three inches high pasture. This is where Jesus brings us. Green grass. A picnic.

They were without food and they were with thousands of hungry people. But they were with Jesus. He provides when there is lack. He allows you to sit on fresh place in the midst of uncertainty. He gives direction where you are directionless. He sees you are going hungry and because he is the Shepherd, he resolves to satisfy you. He sees you are against the wall and he makes a miracle for that wall to collapse.

He brings you to a picnic…

  • After a week of being laid off…
  • No responders to your job applications…
  • When trips to the hospital are daily routine…
  • Years of praying for a family member to come to him is becoming tiring…
  • Relationships inside and outside your home are all like chaotic market streets…

More than food, he multiplies his strength in you. More than filling your stomach, he fills you with his grace and love. More than satisfying your ambitions, he provides the passion for you to fulfill your vocations.

No need to panic. Enjoy the picnic.


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