You Are Wanted

Jesus went up the mountain and summoned those whom he wanted  and they came to him. Mark 3:13

How refreshing to know you don’t need me,                                                                    How amazing to find that you want me…                                                                                    -words from the song “In me” by Casting Crowns.

Those words ring true.

When Jesus called his disciples this is very clear. Jesus did not need them. He called them because he wanted them.

Awesomely refreshing. Amazingly freeing.Why?

His work will continue even without you. His love will be shared with you in the absence list. His word will be preached even if your mouth is closed or your blog is inactive. His salvation will be received in spite of you not giving something. Without you, Jesus’ work and world is complete. It is not dependent in you, it is dependent in him.

Yet, he wants you. He wants you to follow him, to be his disciple. He wants you to walk on water with him. He wants you to distribute the food he multiplied. He wants you to see how the lame is running and jumping. He wants you to experience how he transfigures. He wants you to be on his team. He wants you to be on his side. He still wants you to stand up for him. He wants you to be in his church. He wants you to be in his support group. He wants you to be in his mission team. He wants you to serve the hungry and the poor. He wants you to provide shelter to the children in the streets.

Come to him. Good to know you are not needed. Better to know you are wanted.



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2 responses to “You Are Wanted

  1. rachelgraceparsons

    This is so inspiring 🙂 made me want to serve Jesus because he wants me to!


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