What Are Humans?

What are humans that you are mindful of them, mere mortals that you care for them? Psalm 8:4

Let me try to answer that.

We are perfect. We love one another. We care for one another. We give our all for God. We serve God with our all. We don’t do wrong. We are kind to one another. There is no hungry man in the streets since we look out for each other. There is no abused in homes or any other places because we respect each other. There are no homeless in our world, we shelter our brethren. We give way to others at the ATM lines or at the intersection. We affirm each others works. We accept each others limitations. We don’t gossip of each other. We pray for the welfare of all, even the ones we don’t get along. We don’t compete, we complement. We always think positive about other people. We don’t doubt the goodness of God and man. We hold out temper and have tremendous patience in times of distress.

I can continue all day and all night. But I won’t. Bottom line is this, we are like as enumerated above thus God cares for us.

Wake me up!

Because in reality, the first two paragraphs are just a dream. Maybe you can satisfy one or few sentences but not all.

Humans are imperfect. We fight each other. I don’t care, you don’t care. We are selfish. There are hungry people in our sight. There are homeless. There are abused in our midst. We outdo one another to be on top or be first. We disrespect each other. We falter. We do wrong. We sin.

You know why? Because we are mere mortals. Only an immortal being would care. Only an immortal God will.

God cares for us. God loves us, mere mortals.


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