Solution to Hunger

In those days when there again was a great crowd without anything to eat, he summoned the disciples… Mark 8:1

Hunger. Two thousand years have passed and the same problem is still with us.

According to this website, in one day alone twenty four thousand (24,ooo) dies of hunger. That is a size of a village in the Philippines. So in one hour, there will be a thousand (1,000) under six feet because they have nothing to eat. If you read this post in two to three minutes, there will be more than thirty five (35) people who will stop breathing for no food is serve at their tables.

If you want more eye-popping data on world hunger, go and visit Think Quest.

Anti-hunger organizations, economists and politicians have solutions to world hunger. Distribution of economies and wealth, cancellation of debts, preventing war and keeping peace in under developed countries, education and technology, and government taking an important part to the solution. These are clear cut processes to eliminate hunger.

You know your problem with this problem? You wait on the action of others (governments, social organizations, charities). You let others do the solving. You just sit and watch. It’s not your problem anyway. You are burdened with your own problem, so why bother?

One thing is still clear. Jesus is still summoning his disciples. He calls for action from his followers. He is asking you to appear to where the problem is. Jesus is calling out for you to be part of the solution and not be part of the problem. He is commanding you to do what you can do without hesitation. Jesus knows you can do something:

  • Pray that all solutions to world hunger may be implemented without selfishness and delay.
  • Set aside part of your income for providing food for others.
  • Look around for hungry people. At your family tree. At your streets. At your offices. Feed them right there and then.
  • Take risk. If you are walking down a street and find a beggar along the way, give them your lunch money or your lunch bag.
  • Make it a daily habit to solve hunger in your own world.

He is summoning you. Jesus is confident you can beat this problem for you are one of the solution.


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