Christ Over Culture

You nullify the word of God in favor of your tradition that you have handed on. Mark 7:13a

No wonder the church holds on to the Word.

It is too much radical when others mention that the teachings of the church must change with the change of times, but it is not. It is only right. Right to secure the right definition of marriage. Correct in upholding the sanctity of life. Steadfast in guarding the usage of artificial contraception.

The Word of God does not change a bit. Times will change. Cultures will evolve. Traditions will dress differently. But Jesus’ message will not.

Centuries ago, abortion is not acceptable. Today it is legal in some countries. Same sex marriage is not allowed, today it is conducted in some places. Use of artificial birth controls are not known centuries ago, now they are bought at your nearest pharmacy. Prostitution is a public sin in the ancient times, go to some countries and see this is a legal profession.

If you don’t hold on to the Word of God, your children or your children’s children will live accepting the changes any culture will provide them. Let them know what does not change. Let them be educated in what is lasting and founded. Pass on to them what gives life in abundance and in fullness. Hand on to them the Word of God rather than the culture they are born to or they live with.

Jesus warns us about this. Never nullify the Word of God in favor of tradition. Never put culture over the Word of God.

Choose now. Choose right. Choose Christ over culture.


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