I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 16:1a

It’s not named Alicia.

Keys should fit into the lock to open a door or anything that is close. It should crack the curve in order to bring you inside. Compared to the material to be opened, nowadays, keys are small. It can be duplicated yet it must be an identical twin of the original.

All of us have keys to the kingdom. Gifts or skills for people to see God’s glory. Some are seen upfront, some are always at the background. Some keys are using words with eloquence. Some openers are serving with administrative management. Others do it with blue collar service. Small or big keys have the same one purpose, to open his kingdom for others. People with front office keys have the same equal responsibility with people who have keys for the back door. In one way or another, any key will give you an entry inside his kingdom.

In this earthly life, some keys don’t fit now  but will fit later. They are what you may call difficulkeys. God designs keys of this type for our lives. These maybe trials, family problems, job concerns, relationship issues or eroding of health. You don’t see now how do they open God’s door yet surely later you will. You just have to keep on trying using these kind of keys in order to see God’s face and his plan amidst your messy life.

So, whatever keys you are holding now, use it. Cherish it. Praise God for it. Serve with all your heart. Your family can come to God’s house through your keys. Your friends may see what is like in the Lord’s abode by the keys you have.Your co-workers might use one of your keys some day. Duplicate keys in your hand by training and trusting people.

Peter utilized his keys to open God’s kingdom faithfully. May God, the key giver, bless us to do the same.


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