Stiff Slide

You are my shelter; from distress you keep me; with safety you ring me round. Psalm 32:7

It was a stiff slide coupled with an icy landing.

This was not the usual site for our sledding. My bigger daughter, Praise, suggested we go this way today. She has been here with a friend the other day so she was familiar with the contours of the snow mountains. On the other hand, my smaller daughter, Bless, was nervous is doing what she used to do in the familiar site.

So goes Praise. She sled through the stiff slide and got to the bottom safely. But not Bless. She mustered her courage but her smaller physical being gave her up. At the bottom, she landed outside her sled with her body and face on the snow. I have to rush downhill to give her aid at that point. She cried but she was all right after all.

If life is a stiff slide nowadays and you feel you are small to go through it, remember you have a big God.

Maybe your career is spiraling down. Maybe your family life is going to the basements. Maybe life has turned to a way which is very unfamiliar to you. Or your community or church relationships are sliding and cascading under the ground. And you feel you are too small to go through these. Sure thing is this, you will fall flat on your face if you face these all alone.

Look up to your big God, your shelter. A big God who knows the curves of the downward slope. Call on your big God who keeps you from distress. A God who is familiar of what your are undertaking. Cry out to the big God who keeps your safely. A God who is strong and powerful will give you grace needed for the rough road.

Our God, our Father, will rush to you. He will shelter you and keep you. You will be all right after all.


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