Part of the Many

And many rebuked him, telling him to be silent. But he kept calling out all the more, “Son of David, have pity on me.” Mark 10:48

He was asking for pity, many were asking him to stop.

The many are stopping him to call on Jesus. More than telling Bartimaues to be silent, they rebuke him. Rebuke is an express of disapproval and/or criticism of of one’s actions. This is absurd, right?

But it happens.

When we think people tend to disrupt our time with God, when they are maximizing their time with God. When we want people to relate to God the way we relate to God.  When we want people to convert to our religion rather than convert to Jesus. When we want people to participate in prayer meetings in the manner we do it. When we want people to join our service group and further stop in his membership in another church ministry. Or frankly, when we believe we have the monopoly of God’s attention, we stop people to go after God passionately.

Hopefully, Jesus will butt in and say, “Call him.”

For the same Lord who called you is calling him. For the same God empowering you is empowering him. For the same grace given to you is given to him. For the same desire in you to seek God is in him.

Be open to God’s work in anyway. Do not box God’s work in your world. God has million ways to reach him, to love him and to serve him. He has created each one of us uniquely and he will relate to each one of us uniquely.

Don’t stop someone in calling out Jesus. Don’t be part of the many.


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