Jesus Speaks In Spite Of

Jesus began to speak to the chief priests, the scribes, and the elders in parables. Mark 12:1

He still spoke to them.

Jesus still took time with these people. He still sat down and conversed with priests, scribes and elders. People who were always at his nose. Always questioning him of his actions. Always putting doubts over his words and message. Jesus’ one step begets examining and scrutinizing eyes. Jesus’ one word begets ears ready to pluck away it’s impact.

You debate me, “But he spoke to them in parables!”

Yes. But it does not take away the fact that Jesus still spoke to them. It does not take away the event where Jesus took time from his busy mission itinerary to stop and sit down with the members of his opposition. This must be his way to erase their questions and doubts by speaking with them in spite of.

And yes, he still speaks to you even you question him about your health concerns. He still stops and sits down with you even doubts clutter your heart and mind regarding your prospective employment. He spends time to you in the duration where you have a bunch of question marks in your unresolved family relationships. He takes a look at what is happening to the chaos in the Middle East with the same concern the way he looks at your situation.

No questions will stop him from speaking to you. No doubts will prevent him from having a coffee chat with you.

Why would these stop you? If there are chief priest, scribes or elders in your life who are always darting their doubts at you and are examining your actions and words, take some time with them. Sit down with them. Speak with them. Open your life to them. Know them and let them know you.

In the midst of questions and doubts, Jesus speaks. In spite of.




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