Coming Down

As they were coming down from the mountain, Jesus charged them, “Do not tell the vision to anyone until the Son of Man has been raised from the dead.” Matthew 17:9

It all comes down to coming down.

The sequence of events are known. They came up. Jesus transfigured, they saw Jesus like a dazzling Mr. Clean. They came down.

Same sequence of your life. You come up to a certain mountain. You get to the peak of your family relationships. You step on the tip of your professional career. You stand on the clouds of your spiritual journey.

At that stage, you see Christ like a bright morning star. You see God’s glory since you are enjoying where you are. You see God’s light all around you. You even believe people around you are as nice as God’s prophets.

However, time will come you have to come down. His brightness will wander at least in your eyes. His companions will be seen no more. You ascended, now you have to descend. You have to come down from what you think is the top of your life.

As you come down, you know much more than when you came up. This is what you know– Jesus is the Son of God with whom the Father is well pleased and the Father is asking you to listen to him. This declaration did not come from Peter’s wisdom, it came from the Giver of that wisdom. This proclamation was not spoken by people who were healed of their ailments, it was spoken by the One who reaches out to comfort the body and soul. The statement did not echo the declamation of a preacher, these powerful words came from God whose words created the universe.

You will muster higher courage as you come down. You will have ascending hope as you descend. You can step up high when you step down. For now you know Jesus is more than a healer, more than a preacher and teacher, more than a multiplier of lunch, he is the Son of God. And he is coming down with you, just like he came down from his heavenly throne to save the world.

God has a plan when you come down with Christ. Don’t stick with the plan. Stick with the planner. He comes down with you.


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