When the poor man died, he was carried away by angels to the bosom of Abraham. The rich man also died and was buried,.. Luke 16:22

Ha! This is just like the cellphone. At least in the Philippines.

The fireman has one. The garbage boy has the new model. The riches politicians uses it at the sessions. A student in her early teens has accessories with it. You look at the blue security guard’s pocket, he has one. Everybody has a cell phone! The fishball vendor. The meat slicer in the wet market. Nurse. Doctor. Engineer. Accountant. Policeman. Clerk. Jeepney drivers. Car drivers. Bikers. Elementary graduate. High School drop-out. The oldest man in the neighborhood can text you. The youngest fellow in the family can call you. The cellphone, it’s an equalizer.

Just like death. Jesus told us this, the poor and the rich will all meet death. Nobody is here on earth is to live forever and not bumped into death. Death maybe an early call or can be postponed for some decades. However, as sure as the air you breathe, you will stop in doing so. One day, we will all have to put our backs flat and never have to stand up again.

If death is the equalizer, what is that will spell the difference?


The way you live your life will present the inevitable inequality. To whom you will dedicate it. To whom you will spend it. For whom you will breathe as long as you live. How you are committed to loving God and helping people will make a difference. Why you do the things you are doing for God and his church will make the slack.

The rich man knew he has a poor man, Lazarus, at his gates but did not look his way. He was clothed with garments and linen good enough to make Lazarus warm and cover his sores but did not do it. Lazarus was willing to take the scraps from his table but he won’t let it fall.

Lazarus, on the other hand, kept quiet. He did not curse God for his life. He did not shout at this rich man for not helping him. He accepted his situation and understood others situation. His conduct gives us the picture of man who did not complain about his empty stomach and body sores enough for a dog’s tongue action.

Decide who made the difference.

Decide to make a difference.

Life is the difference, death is the equalizer. You can do something with the difference, you can’t do something with the equalizer.


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