Big Brother

He became angry, and when he refused to enter the house, his father came out and pleaded with him. Luke 15:28

He must have understood of all people.

After all, he is the big brother. He is the older one. He must have matured throughout the years, since he did not ask for his inheritance just like the younger son. He must have more understanding on how the father felt when his sibling packed his bags and went afar. The father’s loneliness must not have been a secret from him. He might have saw his gloomy eyes at the dinner table. He might have asked his father to take more food as the father seems to have hard time since the departure of his little brother.

His brother was gone for some time. Did he not miss his brother? He might have heard the news about the sad plight of his brother. Did he do something to help him out? Now his brother sits at their home. Did he want to sit with him again? Now his brother needs assurance more than anything else. Did he give it? For all the questions above — No.

His line of thinking was reminiscence of the Pharisees and scribes.

He questions the father’s actions. He lets out his immaturity. He pouts. He is angry. He even stays outside of the house and outside of the family circle. A big brother should look out for his younger blood. He protects them. He cares for them. He looks for their benefits. But not in this case. As his younger sibling is welcomed home and given a feast, he lets go of his being a big brother.

One thing we read is this — “the father came out and pleaded with him”.

The father did not come out of the house when his younger son went out of his way. He did this when the big brother acted like a small child and did not act as a big brother. He does not want his older son to suffer. He does not want his son to be hungry for his love. He does not want his son to be lost. He wants him to be near him. The father knew what was like it, so he did his own his search and rescue. He came out for him. He pleaded with him. A father going after his son. The father’s request for him was not so much to be a big brother but to be a brother.

Before he will be lost, the father found him. So the big brother who became small is not big again but again a brother.


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