But whoever obeys and teaches these commandments will be called greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:19

I graduated college and got an electrical engineering degree. After studying, I went to work for a catholic movement aiming for college students to have personal relationship with Christ. I never thought I would get back to my profession. After four years of mission work, I applied as an electrical engineering instructor and was accepted.

One of the first subjects, I was assigned to teach was Electrical Engineering Ethics and Contracts, which is offered to graduating students. As I read the course outline, I had hesitation since it may require practical knowledge of electrical engineering practice so the lessons will not be rather theoretical. I had no electrical work experience at that time, all I knew was to organize prayer meetings and retreats. I decided to speak with the Dean of the college regarding my incapability to teach the course for I don’t have the proper practical background. I can read through the books, but I did not want the students to learn from the books, they can do that in the library, they supposedly catch what can or may happen in electrical engineering practice at their graduating level. So, I gave up the teaching load.

Can we say the same thing with our Christian life? Give up teaching since we don’t live up?

Some people obey but not teach. They want to be sure to obey before they can teach or have no courage to speak out what they are obeying.  Some people teach but have hard time to obey. They tend to over weigh saying than doing or they struggle as imperfect people of a perfect God. Both type of people contribute to the mission of God in one way or another.

However, Jesus defines greatness with both — obeying and teaching. He tells us greatness is this, “whoever obeys and teaches these commandments will be called greatest in the kingdom of heaven…” Do it and say it. Be a follower and a leader. Walk and talk. Live like a disciple and you can disciple.

There is greater conviction to obey when you teach. There is greater passion when you teach as you obey. Maybe, that’s why Jesus tells a person who does both, obey and teach, is the greatest.

By his grace, let us live to be the greatest!



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2 responses to “Greatest

  1. Amen to that! I have noticed that when I taught Bible classes, I learned also. I had to learn the material in order to teach it-not to mention-teaching it to kids.
    I liked your article.

  2. ebcano

    Holly, thanks for the affirmation!

    God enables us to live what we teach and to teach what we live!

    God bless your ministry.

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