Two people went up to the temple area to pray; one was a Pharisee and the other was a tax collector. Luke 18:10

It’s the study of sinners.

If Jesus is a science teacher, Jesus discusses two species for you to ponder who will you be.

The Pharisee does not expose his sins to God, who knows his sins. He is confident of his righteousness. He is boasting of his work. He comes before God like he is attending a masquerade party, he has a mask. He even points to others and not to himself. He exalts himself, he acts like he is looking to God yet he is looking at himself.

The tax collector exposes himself as a sinner. He is not confident of himself but he is confident of God’s mercy, he is confident God forgives his transgressions. He does not boast of he does or what he did but surely he boasts of God’s merciful work. He comes before God without any cover on his face, he uncovers his sins before God. The tax collector points only to himself as the prime principal of sin. If he is in a police line-up, he declares himself as guilty. As he pinpoints himself, his heart opens up for heavenly grace. He does not exalt himself, he acts like he is looking at himself yet he is looking to God, for his mercy.

At this point, choose who will you be before God. A Pharisee or a tax collector?

Be confident of God’s mercy. Expose your sins and yourself to him for nothing is hidden from him. Depend on his work and not on what you have done or what you can achieve, boast of God ‘s work. Uncover your sins for God loves you in spite of these. If you want to point to someone else, make sure that someone else is you. Exalt God by humbling yourself.

Friends, reflect on how you pray and come before God. Study sinnergy.


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