The Father’s Work

Jesus answered the Jews: «My Father is at work until now, so I am at work.» John 5:17

John’s father gave him an ultimatum, “Clean the windows or else.” *

John was blinded by an  accident. He was devastated. He imprisoned himself in his room only to come out for meals. He said his life is finished. For a young man who has been used to see the world, his eyes opens only for the darkness.

So, on that day, his father challenged him to go out of his room, out of his shell. He heard the bang of the door as his father exited their home. He was mad, “Didn’t my father know I’m blind? And he has serious valid inquiry, “What if I fall in wiping the windows all around the house?”

He took up the challenged. John mapped and traced his way around the house, and moved and climbed the ladder to clean the windows. John finished the job without falling or destroying something. He was glad to realize that his life has not ended after all. That his dark vision has a bright future. His life went forward after this incident.

After some time, John was told that all the time he was cleaning the windows, his father was on his side and his father was keeping him from falling down.

When life becomes dark, we tend to think the Father has stopped working on our behalf. If problems and trials block our sight of the present and the future, we have the concept of the Father leaving our side. When the challenge is just too much to handle, we feel abandoned by the Father. As the sun sets, and as sure as the sun rise, the Father’s love shines on us. He is the Father who does not leave the house and who doesn’t leave his child.

The Father stays on our side and continue to work for us. He keeps us from falling. He guides us and clears the path ahead of us. Sometimes we may not see, but he is with us. Sometimes we may not feel, but he is on our side. When we our about to have imbalance, he levels the ground for us.  In the midst of family problems, he is at work. When you are jobless, he is doing his job for you. When sickness overcomes the body, he is the healer reaching out. Between relationship issues, he is working for peace and unity. He is at work until now,…24/7 for his children.

Come out of your dark room. Take up the challenge and work. The Father’s grace is upon you. He is on your side always, and he is enabling you. This is the Father’s work.

* This is story is adapted from Max Lucado.



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2 responses to “The Father’s Work

  1. I like this story. How true! It’s good to be reminded He is there.

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