As If Nothing Happened

Then each went to his own house. John 7:53

He was a man in a black leather jacket and he was handing leaflets to people.

Unlike the woman in her sweatshirt who was also giving simple white papers for promoting a nearby commercial establishment, his brochures were glossy and were folded nicely. I know this for he handed me one. As I stretched out my hand to meet his, he greeted me, “Sir, have a nice day.” My eyes quickly gazed on his paraphernalia and the bold all capital letters jumped out, “10 REASONS JESUS CAME TO DIE”.

As my daughters and I walked away, I was really jumping glad in the ministry the  guy was doing. A few more steps further, I saw him vigilantly approaching people who are walking their way in this market place and giving out his message by hand and by heart.

At home, I was wondering. Thinking if each of those who received the man’s leaflets went to their own house just like this crowd in Galilee. They discussed if he is a prophet. Some of them said he is the Messiah, some of them doubted this thought. But all of them went home. As if nothing happened after meeting and hearing the Christ. Nobody left his boat like Peter. Nobody left his table like Matthew. Nobody ate with Jesus at his home just like Zacchaeus. Nobody spread the news about Jesus just like the Samaritan woman at the well.

They all just went home.

Any event, new or old, where we meet Jesus must impact us. Any routine ministry, small or big, have his presence. An ordinary Sunday service has his power. Listen. Reflect. Open your heart. Open your mind. Don’t just go to your own way. Don’t just go to your own house. As if Jesus was not present. As if nothing happened.




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