Being One

He asked for a tablet and wrote, “John is his name,” and all were amazed. Luke 1:63

They were one.

Elizabeth voiced it out. Zechariah has to write it down. Their relatives questioned it first, but were amazed at the second time. They might have different expressions but they had one direction. This couple are coupled with God’s intention. This husband and his wife are married to God’s plan. No outside forces can break their unity with the Father. Nobody or nothing can come in between their bond with the Giver of life.

We can be one. With God. And with one another.

In our homes, live for unity among your spouse and your children in following God. Even as one family, recognize each others individuality. Even having one blood, our expressions of love may differ from one another. Let go of preferences. Do not burden one another of menial matters.

In our church, serve with one heart and mind. We come from different backgrounds. We come with different gifts and skills. We come serving only one God. Accept and acknowledge each others contribution. Small or big role is still a role to play. Styles don’t matter, what is important is we serve together.

In our offices, work for harmonious secular place. No company succeeds when divided. No company fails when united. Work on and look for similarities rather than opposite characteristics. Complement one another rather than compete with one another.

Someone will speak. Someone will write. Somebody will sing. Somebody will arrange. Somebody will do something. All must be one. All can be one. All will be one.

And all will be amazed.


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