In Honor of Mrs. Cordero

We sat on the sidewalk.

Mrs. Rosalinda Cordero and I just came from the house of a classmate, Patty Tadifa, who was nursing a high fever during that week. Patty was our main school participant for the 4th grade District  Science Quiz Bee, I was her alternate for the said contest. On that day, it was evident Patty won’t make it to the contest, which was the next day, because of her physical condition.

As we sat on the hot cemented corner, Mrs. Cordero told me I have to take on Patty’s spot for the contest. She told me I have to step up. Of course, it is obvious she had no choice but me. However, she spoke as if I can win it. At this young age, I’ve never listened to someone who believe in what I can do and in what I can achieve. Even with the noise of vehicles and people passing by us, I can hear her words of encouragement and her confidence in me.

She motivated me that when I came home I revisited all the review materials and past contest questions she gave to us. It maybe too late but there was something on that sidewalk which gave me the drive that I can spell a difference tomorrow.

The next day, at about lunchtime, I was rushing to our classroom to inform my classmates I won the Science Quiz Bee.

I’m writing this not because I won. Win or lose, I know I already won.

For a teacher, my teacher, gave me a vision of the heights I can reach, that I can achieve more than what I can imagine.

For Mrs. Cordero, sat with me and gave me the faith that I can stand up to anything.



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3 responses to “In Honor of Mrs. Cordero

  1. Rosalinda T. Cordero

    Of course! I like it very much especially coming from a dear former pupil who is now a successful HAU professor. I just want you to know Edwin that whenever I send a pupil to a contest, I always carry a great confidence in him which will inspire him to to do his best and you did it with flying colors. Kasi I always make it a point that I supply the necessary review materials/expected questions not only to the main contestant but also to the alternate and through the years…pati sa mga pupils that are not contestants sinusupplayan ko rin ng mga outlined lessons or reviewers para pati sila ay maenhance na rin. Sa SPED ganun ako kaya kahit di naman talaga lalaban isinasalang sila like Ace William Pasion, 2006 valedictorian na Math contestant sa HFA academic contests, 2nd Prize siya duon pero isinalang din sa Science…Champion ba naman over AES SPED, Brightwoods School and other private schools which participated in the year’s contets. This shows, my pupils are always ready to face any adversaries and that makes me proud syempre. Supplied kasi sila ng mga materials na magpapa advance sa kanila kaya pwede silang isalang sa mga unexpected contests dahil nirereview ko sila. THANK YOU VERY MUCH SA TRIBUTE NA ITO.

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