Great to be a Servant

Rather, whoever wishes to be great among you shall be your servant; Matthew 20:26

This is the world of the world.

The great men deserve to be served. You see them with bodyguard, opening their car door for them. You see them coming in to that building, his aide clasp the door knob for him and sways the door wide. He sits and his hot coffee waiting for him, earlier his assistant made it for him. He points to something and that something is brought by somebody to him. He calls somebody and that somebody approaches him with awe and awaits the orders of this great man.

That is not Jesus’ world.

He said whoever wants to be great shall be the servant. Greatness is hopping into the vehicle after all has taken their seat, he gets the most uncomfortable place in the house. Greatness is when you open doors for people, he doesn’t closes out on them. Greatness is putting food and water into somebody’s mouth. He points to something and he goes to that direction. He calls somebody and he comes to the feet of that somebody.

May I introduce you to greatness…

  • The mother who gave up her exciting career for her children.
  • The father who plays with his kids, dances with them after a full day at work.
  • The old driver of the vehicle where the youth of the church are in, going to their field trip after all the Sunday services. That driver is their pastor.
  • The young professional who goes to the inner city mission office to teach young kids about math.
  • The medical worker who visits her old and sickly neighbor, cares for her for free.
  • The young boy who sell lemonade during summer, keeps his income not for himself but for charity.
  • The young girl who celebrated her birthday, her gifts given to the orphanage.

No position required. No age limit. No office. No office hours.

Jesus calls them servant. Jesus calls them great.

It’s great to be a servant. For to be a servant, you must be great.


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