Waves and Wind Against You

Meanwhile the boat, already a few miles offshore, was being tossed about by the waves, for the wind was against it. Matthew 14:24

It was the wind.

It is the culprit, why they are now at a distance farther than before where Jesus is. It blew the boat from where they are. It blew them away from him. It tossed the boat. It tossed them. Inch by inch. Feet by feet. Yard by yard. Mile by mile. Not a one wave per wind puff. They were tossed by many waves in as many wind volume that did the trick.

We don’t know if the disciples were asleep or were awake and were just no match against the wind and waves but they did not do anything in combating against the wind. Another thing is they forgot to release the anchor or the anchor is not too big for the big winds.

One sure thing we know though is this, winds and waves collaborated to tossed them away from Jesus.


They are part of your life.

They tossed you far away from Christ. They are trying to bring you some miles father from him. They blow your life away from the offer of abundance in Jesus. Event after event. Hurt after another hurt. Habitual sin(s). Problems at home. Concerns at the office. Health issues in the family. Rejection from others. Peer pressure. Burning out spiritually and physically.

You know what you can do? Battle the double “W” — waves and wind.

Be awake. Recognize the wind against you.

Bring deep the anchor of faith. Be deep in prayer and in scripture.

Paddle against it. Don’t be alone swimming opposite of it. Get help. Give help. Get and give support.

Bring down your sail. Bring down your pride — anything high in your heart and mind may give you hard time. Get it down and bend your knees.

Waves and wind are here to stay.

And so you are. Near Jesus.



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3 responses to “Waves and Wind Against You

  1. nono

    Thanks for keeping us inspired……

  2. Mnn, I like this one too. You’re on a roll. Keep it up. 🙂

  3. ebcano

    Hahaha…thanks a lot Holly!
    Glory to God LONE!

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