Behind and before you encircle me and rest your hand upon me. Psalm 139:5

Multiple choice.

If you know the right answer, you encircle it.

If you are not so sure, you take your time and something runs in your mind as if you are digging the old box in the cellar.

If you don’t know the right one, you guess the one you think is the right one even if you are having second thoughts on the answer beside it.

You depend with your guts. You don’t really know about this one. You did not bother to read or study about it. So, guts is your answer to choose the answer.

The psalmist declared before God that our God encircles us. He puts a round figure around us. This God chooses us. He chooses you. He chooses me. There are multiple choices before our God. Look over the global warming. Fix his eyes on the dwindling economy. Mind the wars between nations. Balance the planets. Yes, he will take some time on these things but he will not encircle these. His hand will encircle you and you alone.

Yes, you may not be the right one or you may not be right, but he still encircles you. He does not think twice or thrice, no second thoughts, when he sees you, his finger scribbles around you. God does not have to depend on his guts, he knows you inside and out and he will still choose you. You think he will delay in choosing you because he is not sure if you will be the good one or bad one? Oh uh, He will not delay in encircling you with his grace and love for his choice of you does not depend on your performance or holiness or righteousness.

Think about this — when you encircled your answer, chances are, you come back to this number if you are reviewing your work. God’s hand does not leave you after he encircled you. His hand stays with you. His hand rests upon you. For he chooses you. For you are his choice. When he chooses you, he stays with you.

You are his choice among multiples. You are encircled.



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3 responses to “Encircled

  1. I like this. You are right, He takes care of us and we should not worry about war or hurricanes or whatever. It reminds me of the hymn, “Be Still And Know That I Am God”.

  2. I am, thanks. God blessed us and we didn’t lose power or anything. We just got a little rain.

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