Death from a Passion

The rest laid hold of his servants, mistreated them, and killed them. Matthew 22:6

Through an invitation, they were killed.

Just by spreading the feast being opened to them, the messengers suffered their end of life. The prophets before Jesus, John the baptist, the disciples who followed Christ.

That maybe true in those years, but not so much with us.

But they still can kill something in us. Our passion to make the invitation.

When someone not only turns down the invitation you made but ridicule you, something in us die. When a friend belittles your belief in the invitation, something in us stop breathing. When family shuns your message about the feast, discouragement and disappointment gets married inside us.

This was my experience. I invited a friend to the prayer group he must be accustomed to since we grew up on the same culture back in the Philippines. He attended once but has stopped since. I took he has valid reasons. I knew it was hard for him considering his family situations and the long drive they will take to be with the us. So, all those reasons built an insurmountable wall for my invitation. I stopped calling him. I stopped on sending him Facebook private messages. My passion for making the invitation died down.

The feast is ready. All they have to do is come. All we have to do is continue to be passionate about the invitation amidst the Nos and the Buts.

I’m closing this blog now. I have to call my friend or send him some pms — all about the invitation.

Don’t let the passion die.



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