Don’t Blink!

Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come. Mark 13:33

You got YouTube.

So even if you missed the winning run for the inevitable touchdown, you can search for that video and play it again and again.

The killer shot. You watched from the beginning until the last one minute. But you have to go somewhere else. You had to leave the game. Your team won and you want to see how it went up. That’s why YouTube is here for you.

You were thinking of your favorite TV show as you drove that night. You still want to get a glimpse of the end parts as you push that pedal but to no avail. YouTube saved it for you.

Can’t get into this very important family affair? Ask your relatives to post it on YouTube. Not everything is captured but you will feel you are there already.

There is a rewind. There is a replay.

But not on this.

Jesus comes at a time we don’t know. Nobody knows. Not even your pastor. Nobody will be able to record it. When he comes, it’s unannounced. When he comes, you must be ready. You must be awake. There is no way you can replay it on YouTube for when you missed it, you missed it forever.

That’s why Jesus admonishes us all. Be watchful! Be alert! Watch!

You can. Make him your Lord. Be his servant. Pray daily. Read his word everyday. Love and serve him. Be a man or a woman for others.

Open your eyes by opening your heart for him. Don’t ever blink!



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