Lost Will Be Found

In just the same way, it is not the will of your heavenly Father that one of these little ones be lost. Matthew 18:14

It’s a weird feeling.

Having your child being lost.

We were at a fast food and she was playing at the play place portion of the facility. Her mother went to the counter to get more food. I stayed to watch over our stuff. I thought she was still playing, she thought our child was with me. When my wife came back to our table, she asked for her. I looked at the play place, and she was not there. We went near it, to look inside and out, she is not there. Within this short time, our eyes wandered and she wandered. Couple of minutes passed, we found her just outside the food store. She may have assumed we have gone without her or she may have lost her way around the packed fast food.

You want to shout. You want to scream. You want to stay calm. There’s a feeling of fear with sort of hysteric nature. There’s this great rush of cold perspiration going through your veins out of your skin. One second, your child is with you. One second she is not. And when found, never to let her go astray again.

Does the Father feel the same way when one is lost and search for the lost one?

He leaves behind the other ninety-nine and goes further to shout and scream his or her name. Every step gives him fear he won’t find him or her. Every step has every heart beating to worry where is he or she now? He goes and never come back until he or she is found.  Look. It’s not the will of the Father we get lost. We wander from our home. We go astray from his sight.

I know how the Father may have felt. So he does everything.

Everything including sending his only Son into the belly of Mary.

So the lost will be found.



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