…., but whoever endures to the end will be saved. Matthew 10:22

There is no stopping.

Family problems. Parents having marital issues. Parents getting into mid life crisis. Parents getting into unemployment. Kids getting expose to the culture of the outside world. Children thinking independent of their parents up to the point not obeying their old folks. Children have to be reminded daily of their significance even without performance.

Financial problems. Credit cards full. Savings don’t save you. Only income is not enough to get you by. You wanted to help others but you can’t even help yourself. You won’t turn down a plea from a relative if you have more but you have less for yourself. You try to cut expenses but there is no portion to cut.

Natural and man-made calamities happen weekly, from month to month. Earthquakes rock nations and families. Typhoon takes away lives and properties. These shatter infrastructure and progress. Bombing hugs the headlines almost everyday. Life takes away lives. Humanity on the edge of a cliff.

There will always be something somewhere stopping someone.

Jesus tells us one direction,”…, but whoever endures to the end will be saved.” Matthew 10:22. You are not promise of a smooth sailing ocean ride. The current will always be present. The tide will always give you nerves. They will not stop to stop you. They will not sit down and watch you go by them. If these will not stop in stopping you, you don’t have to stop. Your life don’t need postponement or cancellation because things happen.

Problems and concerns are non-stop, so be you.




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