He was amazed at their lack of faith. He went around to the villages in the vicinity teaching. Mark 6:6

It should have brought his drive down.

But not.

At his own hometown, Jesus saw the lack of faith. People questioned who he is . They asked where his words came from. They questioned the work of his hands. His humanity was presented yet his divinity is doubted. In fact, he already has followers by this time and that did not dig a hole in their hearts.

He may have retreated or went to other places with what he saw. His words and his works are bouncing back to him. His extra-ordinary miracles are seen yet people see him as ordinary. He saw their lack of faith but he saw an opportunity to teach the faith. Their doubts did not prevent him to go forward in bringing the gospel. No lack of faith will stop him. No hard hearts will block him. No doubting questions will give him a dead end.

Jesus moves forward.

In your life. In the midst of your doubts. You question him, he does not stop until you see clearly and get the answer. He sees your lack of faith, he fills you with grace to believe. You close you heart to him, he patiently knocks until you open. When you belittle who he is or what he can do, this won’t block him, he stays with you until he becomes big in your life.

Aren’t you glad he does not stop coming after you?

No retreating on you. Not quitting on you. He only knows one direction. Forward.



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