He Goes Ahead

And when they found him across the sea they said to him, “Rabbi, when did you get here?” John 6:25

The question exposes Jesus’ Lordship.

They searched for him, they looked for him. Maybe looking for miracles, more miracles. Maybe wanting for more wisdom. Thirsting for more healing. More demons to be driven away.  He just fed these five thousand and they were looking for him. Across the sea, they found him. He got in there  first. He was ahead of his people. He was there before them. He leads his people.

God never leaves you, in fact, he leads you. He never shows you a way he will never tread. When he tells you to go to a certain direction, he goes ahead of you. Before you blaze the trail, he already has. Before you step on an unfamiliar territory, he goes to test it for you. So you’ll know you can walk that way. So, you’ll know you can make it to the other side. So you’ll know you can cross the sea.

Do you have a sea to cross? A cancer to struggle. An employment to maintain. A marriage on the rocks. Family problems too much to bear. A Christian life, one trial less before to slide. A friendship in opposition of your faith. A dependence on false gods. A natural disaster to survive.

Look ahead. Jesus is there.

He goes ahead of you.


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One response to “He Goes Ahead

  1. Planting Potatoes

    amen! Jesus has been there, ahead of, since he died on the cross…he felt pain, shame, temptation….there is nothing he has not felt before us!

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