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Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst. John 6:35

It’s amazing how they make cakes.

I was watching this television program with my daughters about a reality series on bakers who specialize in making wedding cakes.  They get their cues from the soon to be wed couples regarding their dream wedding cake.  These cake designers would do anything for that dream to become a reality.  Tell them your theme and they would cut out a fit-in cake for that. They would keep your eyes open when you see the creation. They would put color to suit your wedding gown. They would put anything you can come up with the request of the couple. A cake about your love story. A cake about your first meeting. A cake about your engagement moments. A cake about your dream home. A cake about your love song. A cake about your favorite movie. They have what it takes to create your cake for you.

One thing I realized is this. No matter what the design of the cake is.  No matter what the theme of the cake is. No matter what the shape of the cake is. No matter how large or small the cake is. One thing holds the cake together which is always overlooked– the bread.

It’s amazing how we make Christian life like cakes.

We put our own colors. We put our own designs. We put our own shapes. We go to the prayer meeting and expect the worship leader to be lively and energetic. We would like our leader to be a eloquent speaker and preacher. We imagine that each member would perfectly fit in to their commitments. We stop attending his mass when our parish priest becomes politicize. We withdraw our participation when the ministry leader commits a mistake. A life of your own theme. A life about your own design. A life of your own movie theme.

Realize this. No matter who the leader is. No matter what the leader’s style is. No matter how inspiring or boring your pastor’s sermon  is. No matter how stouthearted or complacent the members are. No matter how the prayer meeting goes. No matter how lifeless is the ministry is. Someone holds your church together. Someone sustains your ministry together. Somebody carries your your bible sharing group together.

Someone holds your life together, and please do not overlook him– Jesus, the bread of life. He alone matters and he is no icing on the cake.

Reposted: Originally posted in April 23, 2010.



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