That Fig Tree Moment

Jesus said, “You believe because I told you I saw you under the fig tree. You will see greater things than that.” John 1:50

Here is mine – our mother bringing us to church every Sunday, where I look forward not to church but to the street foods she would buy for us after church. This is my fig tree moment. I don’t remember any of the bible readings. I don’t recall any of the priest’s homilies. I believed because a woman of faith planted a seed of belief by encouraging his children to go with her to church. It was a small thing but it was a fig tree moment.

Same as Nathanael’s.

He believed in Jesus because Jesus told him he saw Nathanael under the fig tree. It was a small thing but that started his belief in him. This guy have not seen the waves silenced yet and yet he believed. He hasn’t watched five thousands being fed from a boy’s lunch yet, yet he had faith in him.

Jesus promised him that he’ll see greater things than that and he did! Healing of the sick. Waving to the waves to be calmed. Multiplication of the bread. Feeding the hungry. Fishing bulk of fishes. Casting out demons. Dying on the cross and rising from the dead. Ascension to heaven.

Be reminded of your fig tree moment. Remember your fig tree moment. Recall that small seed which grew into a tower of faith. Look back where it all started for this is where Jesus promises that we will see greater things.

Greater things like – graduating college even coming from a large family with financial struggles, passing the board exam which you did not expect, able to teach and preach the Gospel even without formal training, offered employment after being laid off in three days, able to reach people you don’t know and you’ve not met through this blog. We can go on and on and we are not near the finish line yet.

Believing in Jesus, in small ways or big time – this is the lesson of that moment…that fig tree moment.



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2 responses to “That Fig Tree Moment

  1. marnigillard

    Brought me to tears. Two images came to mind. The first of my dad simply taking my tiny hand into his (probably to settle me from wiggling) where we sat in the front row at church. I used to talk (telepathically) to the Infant of Prague whom I thought of as a “doll” not really a statue. I was sure He wanted me to take Him home to play…. but somehow I knew not to ask. The other image is my dad crying on the church steps after his mother’s funeral, the year I was 10. My dad and mom had moved their young family of 3 kids back in with his aging parents, the year I was born. Our large, dominant Grandma sat in a huge wheelchair all day because she contracted rheumatoid arthritis after her fifth child. Dad, her middle child, had a college education, a good job, and still lived in town. So he stepped up.
    Grandma was “waked” in our living room. Then, after the funeral I was startled to see my dad crying. I “got it” suddenly that this was his MOM! And I made the leap to what it would be like to have my mom die. It clearly was a moment of “faith.” Grandma was a VERY powerful, faith-filled woman whom the priest brought Communion on occasion. We all took part in the very sacred ceremony each time. My dad, at 42, died suddenly in a car accident just two years later (His dad passed in the interim). I have had many powerful after-life connections to my dad, so his holding my hand and observing his tears were truly seeds. Thanks for this invite.

  2. ebcano

    Marni, thanks for the heartfelt sharing! God bless you always!

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