I am talking to me…

Edwin Cano is a passionate Catholic, family man, and a fervent Filipino from Pampanga, Philippines. He is married to his wonderful wife, Billie. They have two joyful daughters – Patricia Praise and Bianca Bless. These posts are mostly his sermons to himself.


15 responses to “I am talking to me…

  1. Mr Lars Karlström

    Dear Edwin

    im working at the Swedish National Grid. i have been working with operation of the swedish transmission grid as responsible engineer in the control room, responsible for training of operators , relay protection , disturbance analyzes,, selectivity planning ,,

    I have also looked into methods , how to restore a grid after a collapse.

    I wonder do you know where to find information on, how to build up a grid from controlcenters after a major collapse.
    If you have non voltage in a large part of the systems, you will get problems with telephone communications and so on. Also your SCADA systems will have problems when auxiliary power in batteries get empty after some hours.

    How do controlcenters for transmission, regional network, production collabarate without communications.? Ís there any methods how to secure the infrastructure and to have common methods between different companies control room.

    I think this is a very important issue .

    This is a good blog,, thanks for doing this

    best regards

    Lars Karlström

  2. shek

    Hi! kong edwin,
    babasan ke ing blog mu, peace!

    best regards,
    shek -auf

  3. ebcano

    Hello Shek,

    Salamat. And hopefully we will be bless by this blog!

    Grace from God!!

  4. I love your blog! It is truly inspired.
    My husband, Julio is also from Pampanga – Sta. Ana/San Fernando

  5. I love the messages you share. Thank you and may The Lord continue to bless you & your beautiful family. Your family portrait created by Bless is truly precious.

  6. Hi edwin,
    i enjoy reading your blog makes me inspired , take care and god will continue bless you and your family.

    • ebcano


      Thank you for dropping by. Its a writer’s delight to be read and inspire.
      God bless!
      By the way, you have a cool blog!

  7. hi edwin,

    im just wondering kung kamag anak kita. taga pampanga din ako born sa apalit pero lumake sa macabebe. right now naka base ako dto sa madrid spain with my family….GOD bless u….

    • ebcano

      Hi Nelson,

      I think we are related, I’m from Angeles and from the clan of Eleuterio Cano whose sister is Africa (Apung Pasang). Yes, we have relatives in Macabebe whom we use to visit and vice versa. I’m based with my family as of now in upstate NY, US.
      Thank for reading my blog.

      God bless!

  8. Hi Edwin,

    thanks to your reply, just in case you travel to Europe please call me and be my GUEST. here is my #
    0034-646100938 My address: Calle La marañosa #9 bajo izq. 28053 Madrid
    or e-mailed me….nelcaancor@yahoo.com

    Hope to hear from you


  9. kathlene ayson cayanan

    hi kuya edwin, hope u still know me, eheheh…tnx for the inspiring blog, ngyon lang ako nkapagbasa, ang galing u still find tym to inspire others at ngyon mas hi tech pa…regards kay ate billie!!!

  10. hilda

    kua edwin,
    Nakakainspired po ito blog….thank u for inspiring us..godbless

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