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Economics of Suffering

Brothers and sisters: I consider that the sufferings of this present time are as nothing compared with the glory to be revealed for us. Romans 8:18

Did Paul take Economics 101?

It seems. 

He compares our present sufferings with our future glory and he goes with this equation:

Future Glory >>>>>>>>>>>> Present Sufferings.

Further explanation will be that the cost of present suffering is nil when it is put side by side with the cost of the glory that we will behold. 

And since we are in Economics, which is about incentives, the incentive to stick it out with Jesus when we experience sufferings is worth given that present sufferings are temporary while the future glory is eternal, it will never end. 

Jesus explained as Matthews penned, “But he has no root and lasts only for a time. When some tribulation or persecution comes because of the word, he immediately falls away.” Matthew 13:21. Jesus predicted that some seeds among us will fall away when tribulations, persecutions, suffering, or difficulties come. This follower will give up. He will bow out of the race. Maybe he  thought that the present sufferings are worth more than the heavenly glory. 

This man almost fell away. He is a young college graduate who decided to commit the upcoming two years doing unpaid missionary work among college students. His family was not well to do having other seven siblings, a father who maintains a small business in a local city market and a mother who stays at home. Still, the parents allowed him to do God’s work. A few months after doing evangelization in campuses, leading prayer meetings and conducting retreats. his father suffered a massive heart stroke. There was no medical insurance to lean on, if he was working secular now, he can alleviate most of the heavy expenses. Thus, he questioned the wisdom of his decision, he questioned God.

God answered with the verse above. The glory to be revealed by the heavenly Father was significantly worth  more than the suffering the family was having. So, he remained firm by God’s grace. He stuck it out with Jesus until now. He did not fall away.

I know this story is true for I am that man.    




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