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People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them. Mark 10:13

It was the right time – the children came into the picture when the discussion was about divorce.

I wonder why the disciples have to stop them. May be because the twelve saw these children have no need for it. They may be healthy as raging bulls so no healing session. Their faces may have shown satisfaction so there’ll be no feeding outreach. They have no prayers to murmur so no answers were to be scheduled.

I wonder, if my assumptions are true, if we can come to him like these children. No intercessions to pray. No requests to be raised. No healing is on the want or need list. No stomachs rumbling due to emptiness. Just come to be touched.

All you may want is for his touch. His hand on your head and that would be enough. For those hands sculptures the universe, shaped the lands and the seas. Those hands waved to silence the waves. Those two hands fed the hungry thousands. Those hands broke the bread will be broken soon. Those hands who hammered a nail in the carpentry shop are the same hands which will be nailed on a tree for our sake.

Come to him for his touch and more than his touch, he gives you blessings.

Come to him for his touch and more than his touch, you will be embraced.

Come to him like a child and be touched – it’s always the right time.



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The Opening

And (immediately) the man’s ears were opened, his speech impediment was removed, and he spoke plainly. Mark 7:35

He wanted his ears opened. His friends wanted his ears opened

But they couldn’t do it

What they couldn’t do, Jesus did.

We wonder why his friends have to bring in the guy. The guy can walk. He can wave his hands to Jesus to get his attention. Instead, his friends brought him to him. Maybe frustration has caught him. Not hearing people and being able to communicate is a hard thing to do, a hard life to live. His father wants to tell him he is there for him, yet he does not hear it. His mother tells him how much she loves him, all falling on closed ears. Try one day without talking and avoiding sound waves pass your ears.

Frustration. And he is not alone.

You have traveled that dead end. You got nowhere to go. It’s closed.

A health issue is lingering in your body for several years now. Doctors have the answers but your body does not respond.

Or unemployment is blocking all your plans for your family and children’s future. You have the resume’ but employment does not resume soon.

You got a ministry which hit a great road block. You look at your resources, you look at what you can do, and deep inside you know Jesus what will do

Don’t fret in your corner. Come to the Opener. If you can’t, allow your friends to bring you to him. Open whatever is closed to him. Let Jesus touch you.

Experience Jesus. Experience the opening.


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Jesus entered the synagogue. There was a man there who had a withered hand. Mark 3:1

He did not see perfection.

He did not see strength.

He did not see freshness.

Jesus saw something withered. A withered hand. Dry. Shrunken. Wrinkled.

Yet, Jesus stayed. Jesus does not go because he saw what he needed to see — imperfection. He knows people who goes to his church are not perfect. He stayed because he is there to revive the withered. He is there to stretch what is shortened. He is there to make new out of the wrinkled. He is there to refresh the dryness.

He still does today.

Enter your church. Go into your homes. Look at your offices. See your campus. Jesus enters and stays with those places. To stretch the faith of the challenged. To revive the life out of the lifeless. To bless freshness into the tired and battered. To smoothen the wrinkled and stressed hearts. To bring healing to the dry relationships.

Let him enter your heart today. If your soul is withered, ask Jesus to come in. Expose your withered life. Let him see what he suppose to see. Open your tired mind and invite him to stay.

He will enter and he will stay.

For the withered.

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See You At The Summit

Moving on from there Jesus walked by the Sea of Galilee, went up on the mountain, and sat down there.  Great crowds came to him, having with them the lame, the blind, the deformed, the mute, and many others. They placed them at his feet, and he cured them. Matthew 15:29-30

He is the first and only blind man to reach the peak of the Everest.

Yes, you read that right. A blind man standing at the top of Mt. Everest. His name is Erik Weihenmayer.

How did he do it? Simple. Welcome another Eric. Eric Alexander.

Eric guided Erik to reach the summit. Erik and Eric are buddies who have experience in mountain climbing. Erik dreamed and wanted to climb the Everest. He invited Eric and others to be with him to which Eric said yes.

In an interview, Eric was asked what his focus was or what made him go on to reach the peak. “It’s the relationships.” Eric replied. For three to six weeks of ascending, reaching the top was all about relationships. It was not even about the goal of stepping at the topmost. It was about being there together, guiding the blind man to walk this way or climb this way. Each step was counted. Each stride was cherished. I guess, if Eric did not have this tight relationship with the blind man, Erik, the journey will be terribly hard added to the difficulty of the trail. And it’s this relationship which enabled them to reach the summit.

It’s the same with the people who brought the lame, the blind, the deformed, the mute, and many others to Jesus. Jesus, who was sitting on a mountain. Going up the mountain must be hard. Yet, it must be harder when you bring someone who is not physically able to do so. How can a blind climb? How can the lame step further? Will the deformed hurdle the whole mile? Can the mute communicate if he loses the track? Can the able withstand the complexity of the travel? They can – only with strong relationship with one another.

Are you in a similar situation? You are guiding someone who might be lame in some way. You are with somebody who can’t see the truth. You live with a person who has deformed perceptions. You work with a friend who can’t speak for himself. Or you yourself is the differently abled. Focus on your relationships. Accept each other’s limitations. Support each other. Lift one another. Carry each other’s burden. Admonish each other from time to time. Build one another’s confidence. Love one another as you love yourself.

You and that person will reach the God of the mountain. You and your friend will find healing at his feet. As you start or continue your journey, you can say to one another, “See you at the summit.”

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Miss Job

In all this Job did not sin, nor did he say anything disrespectful of God. Job 1:22

Raissa Laurel twitted, “♪♪ Our God is greater.. Our God is stronger.. God, You are higher than any other.. ♪♪”

Who is Ms. Laurel?

She was a victim of the DLSU bombing during the bar examinations in Manila, Philippines. She should not have been there. Media described- Raissa was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe. She is only at her 2nd year at San Sebastian College Law school. As a result of the explosion, the 23 years old lass will have her two legs amputated. Tough future for the future lawyer. And yet, she praise God. She exalts Him. She magnifies God. She even expressed, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your prayers and support for my recovery! Our God is sovereign and He is in control of everything.. God bless us!” She was even confused with the media, “Disappointed with media.. Why are they twisting the story?.. Why can’t they just understand that GOD IS WHERE I DRAW MY STRENGTH FROM?..”

Job lost everything he had, livelihood, family and his future. Raissa will lose her two legs, small compared to Job, you might say. However, for a young woman full of dreams, who was at the wrong place at the wrong time, she was a victim.  She was innocent. She has every reason to question what happened or what will happen to her. She must be angry with God or with the world. Instead, she still sings for God. She still confess the greatness of God. Like Job, she has remained faithful to God. She did not say anything, yes, anything that will insult God.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Miss Job.

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Welcomed by One

As they continued their journey he entered a village where a woman whose name was Martha welcomed him. Luke 10:38

In the Philippines, it is customary to put up a welcome banner when a top government official or a celebrity comes into a place. And when the day comes, flocks gather to welcome that person. Media men, welcoming parties, students, vendors, ordinary people and locals greets the person. Cameras, videos and cellphones will work their wonders to capture the moment on the welcoming celebration.

Weird, this did not happen to Jesus. They came to one village yet Jesus was welcomed only by one. If there is banner for this welcome, it says, “Welcome Jesus! -by Martha”. A village may have few tens to hundreds of people but only Martha welcomed Jesus. At this time, Jesus was already a word of mouth article. He has preached. He has healed the body and soul. He has performed miracles. Jesus was “somebody” when he entered this village. Yet He was welcomed only by one.

Would this be a problem?, I don’t think so.

Jesus starts with this in our lives. At the beginning, He is welcomed by one. Remember this?

You welcomed Jesus in your large nominal Catholic family and clan.
You welcomed Him in your engineering class.
You welcomed Jesus in your office.
You welcomed Him in your circle of friends.
You welcomed Jesus in your social action club.
You welcomed Him in your on-line group.

In spite of these, Jesus entered. Jesus walked in your place. Jesus came and stayed though He may be welcomed only by one.


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As he was setting out on a journey, a man ran up, knelt down before him, and asked him, “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Mark 10:17

Istorbo! Ito yung mga taong bigla na lang andyan sa harap habang ikaw ay papunta sa importanteng lakad mo.

Di ba nila alam na nag-prepare ka para sa lakad mo na ito tapos bigla silang insert para mag-interrupt ng iyong walk. Hay naku!!?

Di ba nila alam na ang iyong lakad marahil ay usapang buhay o kamatayan and then tadaah!, right in your face sila. Hello!!?

Di ba nila alam na pinili mo pa ang iyong isusuot sa loob ng maraming oras, labas masok ang mga damit sa loob ng cabinet mo, upang maging presentable ka tapos hayan sila asking for insignificant help. Ano sila hilo?!!

Di ba nila alam na one-year in the making itong lakad mo, winalis mo ang ibang appointments upang makapunta ka sa very, oo very very, important event na yun tapos parang breaking news sa TV lilitaw sila bigla. Okay sa all right, ano?!!

Gaya nitong man who ran up, knelt down before him, and asked him. Istorbo sa lakad ni Lord. May journey si Lord – to save our souls. Tapos bigla na lang siyang andyan sa harap niya na parang nag-popropose ng marriage.  Nagtatakbo, naglumuhod at nagtanong pa. Sarap tirisin, ano?

Pero hindi tiris ang ginawa ni Lord. He gave time and love ( v.21) for this man. He allowed him to be with Him. He answered his question. He expounded more and further. Hindi siya istorbo ke Jesus.

At hinde rin tayo istorbo sa Kanya. He is keeping the solar system and the universe in their orbits pero tumakbo ka sa Kanya. He is trying to balance the world economies pero lumuhod ka sa Kanya. He is healing someone now, he is saving souls now, he is forgiving someone now, he is busy now…pero magtanong ka sa Kanya. He will give you time and love.

O ano pang ginagawa mo, istorbohin mo na si Lord!


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