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Stay Not Away

We should not stay away from our assembly, as is the custom of some, but encourage one another, and this all the more as you see the day drawing near. Hebrews 10:25

His jaw dropped.

Upon hearing this, “We travel a total six hours, back and forth,  to attend prayer meetings and have fellowship with brothers and sisters.”

Though we do this once a month or seldom twice, there are considerable practical considerations for doing so. Packing for overnights. Physical toll. Payments for toll and gas. Weekends given away. Girls get bored on the long travel. McDo stops, bad for health. Minivan gets more mileage. Very tired father-driver. All these issues are overshadowed by one reason.

We want to stay not away.

Keep in touch with the assembly. Be part of a community. Be given support and be present to provide support. Share God’s work and work for God. More than just attending and having fun, we encourage one another. We share our trials and victories. We open our difficulties and bring out triumphs. We talked about our weaknesses and build on our strengths. We speak with one another and we listen to one another. This is staying together. This is coming together. This is assembling for God and for each other.

When you come to the church, a prayer gathering or a support group meeting, be sure to stay not away. And surely, you’ll make someone’s jaw drop.


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Continue Loving, Continue Serving

For God is not unjust so as to overlook your work and the love you have demonstrated for his name by having served and continuing to serve the holy ones. Hebrews 6:10

Heroic acts of people were not have gone unnoticed in the recent tragic Tucson shooting. Time magazine picked up these stories

76 year old Dorwan Stoddard made a sand bag out of himself to shield his wife from the wandering lethal bullets.

Another loving husband, George Morris, did the same thing. He got two bullets in his body but another escaped and killed his wife.

Four men and a woman did not think twice to stop the shooter. They put their lives on the line not only for them but for others to live.

And who would forget Daniel Hernandez, intern for the Congresswoman Giffords who was shot, he rushed to do first aid on Giffords.

You know what? God picks up your heroic acts, too.

He noticed the times you arranged the chairs for the prayer meeting. He knows how many times you brought food to the hungry. He hears the songs you sing in the music ministry. He notes the way you go out of your comfort zone to bring a friend to the faith. He remembers the events when you gave words of encouragement even if you are discouraged. He doesn’t forget when you paid the bus fare of someone who was raring to go home yet had no money.

Your service out of love for him and his children are bookmarked by him. Like highlighted words in a book, your work to forward his kingdom is magnified in his eyes. He is a just God who gives credit to where it is due.

It gives us affirmation in our devotion. It encourages us to keep on loving and serving. It gives us this joy that in every small or big charity we do in our church and outside of it would count in God’s memorabilia.

Continue to love. Continue to serve. Continue.

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Thursday The 13th

Therefore, as the holy Spirit says: “Oh, that today you would hear his voice,…” Hebrews 3:7

This morning I was told by my managers at work that I am being let go from my job. I was fired. Not because of my performance or work related conduct but because of the economic recession impacting the company. The owners decided that reduction in workforce is one significant key for the company to survive in the coming months.

I came home to my wife with the news. We have many plans ahead. We have dreams for our family. On the other hand, we have mortgage to meet. We have bills to pay. We have a family to feed.

We talked and after I prayed intermittently. I think it is human nature where you can’t concentrate on one thing when something like this happens. This is a new experience. In the past, I resigned from companies. This time, in a way, the company resigned from me.

I emailed my siblings and brothers and sisters in community. They replied with consolations and guarantee of support. We called a relative in another state who likewise pledge their support for us. We are encouraged with their messages.

We talked to our daughters about it and of course they were deeply affected. But we have to tell them the situation and our options. They had fears but we told them its okay to have fear but they have to face that with faith. I am amazed on how our daughters have shown their concern amidst all these. I believe we are on the right track in bringing them up.

As I sat to further ponder the events of this day, I realized we have to carefully listen to God in prayer. He is speaking to us intently in this undertaking. He wants to communicate to us something he wants us to learn from or to respond to. He is bringing his word near to our ears for us to know he is in control. Is he directing us further to a new door? Is he calling us to another level? Is he bringing us another opportunity? Bottom line is, his voice is a voice of peace and love.

Any day would be better to hear him speak especially this Thursday the 13th.



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…and when he was made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him… Hebrews 5:9

For a non-electrical person, you see the the wall convenience outlet as the source of electricity. Yeah, that’s the small colored white or off-white plastic patched on your wall. You get power from it. You power your devices from it. For an electric person, that rectangular thingy is just a convenience outlet. It’s a channel not the source. Behind your electric outlet are strands of copper wire with maybe length of some hundred miles. At the end of those wires is a generator, which generates electric power. That’s the source. It’s the spring of electric everything. It’s the fount of why you have lighting and you can work your appliances. Most of the time we don’t acknowledge it as the source since we only see the outlet for convenience.

Ha! Convenience.

Some people may say I don’t need Jesus as I don’t do harm to my neighbor. Some people may say I follow all laws and regulations, I am good. You keep your obligations to your family, work and country, you’re a model citizen. You do social work. You feed the hungry. You help at the senior’s housing. You educate street kids. You volunteer at the orphans’ asylum. This is what we call – good without God. Isn’t this convenience?

The writer to the Hebrews cleared this long time ago. Jesus is the source of salvation. He is the generator of salvation. Jesus is the spring of our deliverance. He alone is. Our obedience is a channel. Our goodness is an outlet.  Our good works are wires.

Be glad salvation doesn’t depend on us. For Jesus is the source of eternal salvation.

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