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What Would You Do?

He would have decreed their destruction, had not Moses, the chosen leader, withstood him in the breach to turn back his destroying anger. Psalm 106:23

There’s a catch in helping someone.

In ABC’s “What Would You Do?”, they had this featured experiment episode where a waiter drops, on the floor, the food he is about to serve to a certain nice couple. The people sitting near the couple, who saw what happened, informed the couple even before the waiter has gone back to the kitchen or to whatever he is about to do. These people are really helpful.

One twist is, how about when the partners are not nice but are mean customers to the waiter? The couple would belittle the waiter as he is getting  their orders. They would shout at him, even mock his job. They would call him unacceptable names. The people around the couple had mixed reactions when they saw the waiter dropped the food and served the food on the couple’s table. One woman informed the couple about it. But with an angry tone. She pointed out their abusive conduct towards the poor waiter and defended the food server. They repeated the experiment and no nearby person helped out in informing the mean couple about the dropped food.

So, its good to help good people but its not good to help bad people.

Moses did not see it this way.

As the Israelites turned their worship from God to a fashioned molten calf, God was about to destroy the former slaves. Psalm 106:20-22 exposes their actions, “They exchanged their glorious God for the image of a grass-eating bull. They forgot the God who saved them, who did great deeds in Egypt, Amazing deeds in the land of Ham, fearsome deeds at the Red Sea.” Before this, they were complaining about their situation in the desert and even compared it when they were Pharaoh’s slaves. Surely, these are bad people. Moses would have told God, “Lord, you are right, anyway these are bad people. They turned away from you. These are spoiled brats. Go ahead with your plan.”

However, Moses helped them. Moses prayed for them. He pleaded for God’s mercy on their behalf. And God listened to his intercession, “So the LORD relented in the punishment he had threatened to inflict on his people. “ Exodus 32:14.

You can be like Moses. May you look the way Moses looked. May you help the people who may not deserve to be helped. May you pray to God in behalf of the people who may be mean to you or to others. May you concretely practice concern for people who in one way or another have hurt you or are hurting someone.

Helping people is like being blind. You must not see what they are or what they are not, you just help them.


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Drink Bible Everyday

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105

When I was a little kid, I would walk with my friends around Angeles City in Pampanga, Philippines.  Most of the time we would walk around some Protestant churches, where we would always see people reading the bible. And each time we would pass by that place, one of our friends – Angel, would never forget to exclaim – “Drink Bible Everyday!” Pointing to these people we observed to reading or to holding a bible each day we walk by.

They say Christian life is a journey and in this exciting journey, we need a guide.  We need His word to straighten and direct our paths. Take one day at a time in walking with God, and in each day take time to read the bible, His love letter to us. With reading and reflecting on God’s word, our paths will be brightened and lighted as the sun covers the earth.  Everyday is an opportunity for us to read and ponder His word as we continue to walk with the Light and to the Light. If you are a student, read the bible before reading your textbooks. If you are a busy single working person, read the bible on-line or subscribe to daily devotionals. If you are a working parent, share time with your spouse to meditate on God’s word. It’s not everyday we receive a love letter, and God has sent us one that expresses His unconditional love for us. Let His word guide you. Let His word quench you. Let His word refresh you. Let His word cleanse you. Dive deep into His message to you.

My friends, I am your “Angel” encouraging you – Drink Bible Everyday!


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Behind and before you encircle me and rest your hand upon me. Psalm 139:5

Multiple choice.

If you know the right answer, you encircle it.

If you are not so sure, you take your time and something runs in your mind as if you are digging the old box in the cellar.

If you don’t know the right one, you guess the one you think is the right one even if you are having second thoughts on the answer beside it.

You depend with your guts. You don’t really know about this one. You did not bother to read or study about it. So, guts is your answer to choose the answer.

The psalmist declared before God that our God encircles us. He puts a round figure around us. This God chooses us. He chooses you. He chooses me. There are multiple choices before our God. Look over the global warming. Fix his eyes on the dwindling economy. Mind the wars between nations. Balance the planets. Yes, he will take some time on these things but he will not encircle these. His hand will encircle you and you alone.

Yes, you may not be the right one or you may not be right, but he still encircles you. He does not think twice or thrice, no second thoughts, when he sees you, his finger scribbles around you. God does not have to depend on his guts, he knows you inside and out and he will still choose you. You think he will delay in choosing you because he is not sure if you will be the good one or bad one? Oh uh, He will not delay in encircling you with his grace and love for his choice of you does not depend on your performance or holiness or righteousness.

Think about this — when you encircled your answer, chances are, you come back to this number if you are reviewing your work. God’s hand does not leave you after he encircled you. His hand stays with you. His hand rests upon you. For he chooses you. For you are his choice. When he chooses you, he stays with you.

You are his choice among multiples. You are encircled.


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In Between

For I know my offense; my sin is always before me. Psalm 51:3

Let’s try to dissect David’s statement. What did he mean when he said about knowing his offense, and his sin is always before me?

When you sin, you know you sinned. You can deny it before your family and friends. You can keep it to yourself. Nobody might know it or not. Or nobody don’t care if you did it or not. Or maybe people may not come up to you to confront you about your wrongdoings. But between you and God, you know you have sinned. There is no denying the fact you step out of bounds in your relationship with the loving Father.

So when you know you sinned, your sin will always gives you this conviction that you have done it. You always see it before you. It will bug you. Is it guilt or shame? It’s up to you. When you look in the mirror, you see the sin you did. When you are before your friends or family, you have this wall, your sin, in relating with them. It’s just not the same stuff. Your sin may not be publicly exposed yet your mindset in your eyes see that sin in front of you.

Most importantly, when seen is before you and when you come in God’s presence, there’s something in between you and God. Sin. This is will turn out to be good or bad.

Bad because if your heart is hard to repent from the sin, the gap before you and God stays. You can’t see God fully as the sin blocks you. You know the sin gives you a certain distance from God yet you allow it to remain.

Good because if you are confessing the sin to God, you are asking for forgiveness from Him, you are exposing the sin to the merciful Lord. You are not denying it. You are being true to your weakness. You are saying you can’t do it alone, asking for his strength. You are being confident of his mercy. You are allowing him to renew you and restore you.

So, today, dissect your heart. Examine your life. You know your offenses. You see your sins before you. Decide to confess and repent.

With God and you, don’t let come sin come in between.


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Stiff Slide

You are my shelter; from distress you keep me; with safety you ring me round. Psalm 32:7

It was a stiff slide coupled with an icy landing.

This was not the usual site for our sledding. My bigger daughter, Praise, suggested we go this way today. She has been here with a friend the other day so she was familiar with the contours of the snow mountains. On the other hand, my smaller daughter, Bless, was nervous is doing what she used to do in the familiar site.

So goes Praise. She sled through the stiff slide and got to the bottom safely. But not Bless. She mustered her courage but her smaller physical being gave her up. At the bottom, she landed outside her sled with her body and face on the snow. I have to rush downhill to give her aid at that point. She cried but she was all right after all.

If life is a stiff slide nowadays and you feel you are small to go through it, remember you have a big God.

Maybe your career is spiraling down. Maybe your family life is going to the basements. Maybe life has turned to a way which is very unfamiliar to you. Or your community or church relationships are sliding and cascading under the ground. And you feel you are too small to go through these. Sure thing is this, you will fall flat on your face if you face these all alone.

Look up to your big God, your shelter. A big God who knows the curves of the downward slope. Call on your big God who keeps you from distress. A God who is familiar of what your are undertaking. Cry out to the big God who keeps your safely. A God who is strong and powerful will give you grace needed for the rough road.

Our God, our Father, will rush to you. He will shelter you and keep you. You will be all right after all.

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Wait Problem

Wait for the LORD, take courage; be stouthearted, wait for the LORD! Psalm 27:14

Impatience is not the opposite of waiting. Fear is.

We fear we won’t pass the board exam, we cheat.

We fear being late for our appointment, we take the short cut in getting our driver’s license.

We fear we won’t beat the publication’s deadline, we plagiarize.

We are afraid someone else overtakes us or beat us for the promotion, we become complacent, and resigned.

We fear the company we are working for will succumb to the recession, we jumpsuit.

We fear God’s plan won’t be unveiled; we take matters on our own hands.

We fear his providence won’t meet our needs, we rely on our resumes.

We fear his healing is slow, we search for more man-made remedies.

We are afraid change will not happen in one person we love, we give up.

The wait problem is a fear problem. It is because we are afraid and not because we are impatient. We are impatient because we are fearful.

Listen to the psalmist, “Wait for the LORD, take courage; be stouthearted, wait for the LORD!” He is exhorting us to wait and have courage. Be brave and wait for the LORD to act, to show us his plan in reality.

This coming advent may be the opportune time for us to face our wait problem. Jesus will come. God’s promises are true. Wait for him. Wait and be not afraid. If you have wait problem, follow the solution – take courage, be brave and wait for the LORD.

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Studying His Word

Rather, the law of the LORD is their joy; God’s law they study day and night. Psalm 1:2

You thought you must be a bible-toting person to do this.

You carry the Word everywhere you go. You have it in your back pack. You have it in your home desk, in your office cubicle. You look at those missionary guy with their handbag armed with the Word as your model.  You thought the pastor passes this verse. You thought that would be it. Carry it. Read it. Have it in your bag. Have it whenever, wherever you might be.

As you reflect about it further, it convinces you there’s more than that.

Do you experience joy when you follow the Lord’s law? When you are up to something yet you know you will violate his Word, do you have joy or sadness since you did not attain what you should have achieved? Are you joyful when you follow him or do you feel this great depression since you think you are not free to do or say what you want to?

This is God’s law as your study all day and all night. You don’t keep it in your bag, you keep it in your heart. You just don’t carry it, you carry it on the way you live, the way you speak or the way you accomplish things. Those things above will surely help, yet what matters is you put his Word into action.

In your day or night, do you study his Word? No, I’m not saying you keep on reading the Bible, which surely is good, but in your every gesture or each of your spoken word, do you consider his laws? Wait, I know what you are thinking. You think it’s like tip-toeing in life. Maybe. However, consider his Word before you do something or say something. This is studying his Word day and night. Yes, it is possible to study his laws day in and day out. It is like shaping a sculpture according to his Word. Step by step. Word after word. Action after action. Your life being shape by God’s Word.

Consider this. We sin, most of the time, because at that instant we let go of our study of his Word.

The psalmist encourages us, may God’s Word be our joy and when we follow it may it produce joy in us. The psalmist calls us, may we study God’s law day and night, keeping it in our hearts and in our minds.

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