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Continue Loving, Continue Serving

For God is not unjust so as to overlook your work and the love you have demonstrated for his name by having served and continuing to serve the holy ones. Hebrews 6:10

Heroic acts of people were not have gone unnoticed in the recent tragic Tucson shooting. Time magazine picked up these stories

76 year old Dorwan Stoddard made a sand bag out of himself to shield his wife from the wandering lethal bullets.

Another loving husband, George Morris, did the same thing. He got two bullets in his body but another escaped and killed his wife.

Four men and a woman did not think twice to stop the shooter. They put their lives on the line not only for them but for others to live.

And who would forget Daniel Hernandez, intern for the Congresswoman Giffords who was shot, he rushed to do first aid on Giffords.

You know what? God picks up your heroic acts, too.

He noticed the times you arranged the chairs for the prayer meeting. He knows how many times you brought food to the hungry. He hears the songs you sing in the music ministry. He notes the way you go out of your comfort zone to bring a friend to the faith. He remembers the events when you gave words of encouragement even if you are discouraged. He doesn’t forget when you paid the bus fare of someone who was raring to go home yet had no money.

Your service out of love for him and his children are bookmarked by him. Like highlighted words in a book, your work to forward his kingdom is magnified in his eyes. He is a just God who gives credit to where it is due.

It gives us affirmation in our devotion. It encourages us to keep on loving and serving. It gives us this joy that in every small or big charity we do in our church and outside of it would count in God’s memorabilia.

Continue to love. Continue to serve. Continue.


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Everyday Teacher

And every day he was teaching in the temple area. Luke 19:47

Jesus gives us a lesson or two every day. He goes to the blackboard/whiteboard and discusses His mind and heart to us. He shows us the way towards Him. He keeps us posted to love God and our fellowmen. He points us to Him at a certain direction. He feeds us with His words which guide our path. He teaches. He instructs. Each day of our lives.

We may hear a new insight from the Teacher. A new inspiration that would make us renew the fervor in our hearts. A fresh revelation which catapults our hearts quickly to Him. Maybe we prayed and read the bible and the reflection jumped on us.  It puts us in awe on how God works in our personal lives. It boosts our passion to give more of what we have to God. It keeps us in His company and friendship of believers.

We may hear a message of the past from the Teacher. And His letter reverberates like echoes yet we don’t respond. He keeps on bringing us the same word. He sends people or problems for us to learn this truth however the teaching seems too much for us.  Maybe we close our hearts and minds for this specific lesson and God wants to assure us He is in control. Or we may not be attentive to this lesson that’s why it needed repetition. Or He is reminding us for what He did during yester times for us to look forward that Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Just like an effective school teacher, God may use aids to send us the lesson each day. He may utilize the bible, worship services, retreats, your spouse, your co-worker, your classmate, your children, a stranger, the internet, a preaching, a TV program, a radio station, a wholesome movie, the sun or the moon, etc. Jesus will use whatever or whoever around you to bring us His words of life.  God will send multiple postmen to make sure the lesson is home with us. And the temple maybe your school, your home, your workplace, in the streets, or wherever you may be.

Just like a diligent and curious student, we must be attentive to His lessons. We open our hearts and minds each time we are in His classroom. We take note of the message to remember the truths of God and lies of the world.  We take heart and reflect each message and apply them in our every day struggles and routine.  We delight to listen to every word which would come out from the Teacher’s heart. We keep our eyes and minds from wandering as He is speaking to us.

It’s a great assurance that we are not fully knowledgeable before our God for He keeps teaching every day. We are not that wise not to learn from Him. We are not that intelligent not to sit down in His classroom. There’s too much to hear and apply from the Teacher. He keeps on teaching as we keep on learning from Him.  There’s no holiday. There’s no vacation. There’s no end in our schooling.

Jesus teaches us every day. Listen.


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