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The Lunch Became Feast

But they said to him, “Five loaves and two fish are all we have here.” Then he said, “Bring them here to me,” Matthew 14:17-18

They thought it won’t be enough.

And they have a point.

Five loaves and two fish against five thousand plus people. They saw how small the food they have. They saw how big the food they don’t have.

Jesus saw these, too. Yet, Jesus said, “Bring them here to me,…”

There’s something that Jesus knows that his disciples don’t. He knew the small they have can be the big they don’t have. As long as they bring them to him. So, the disciples brought the small to him, in turn, he blessed the small which became big. A boy’s lunch became a feast for thousands. The not enough became more than enough.

You thought it won’t be enough.

And you may have a point.

You have this small fire in your heart for God, however, you see it won’t burn fully for the rest of your life. You can give one hour a week to serve at the church but you think you won’t rather give it. You can speak but you don’t know how to speak before people about God. You can write but you don’t write like other well known authors. You were the president of a small class in your your elementary days but leading a big community is another thing, so you said.

Jesus knows what you know. But know this — Jesus knows beyond what you know.

He can sustain the match–like fire in your heart and burn like a lighthouse on a hill as long as you live. He can turn your limited skills to limitless gifts. He can bring that small talent of yours to a bigger or biggest use for his kingdom. He can magnify that candle of yours to light a whole island of engulf in darkness. He can bless your words to encourage hundreds or thousands who are on the verge of giving up. He can multiply your one hour or thirty minutes of service to cascade into the lives of people who doesn’t have but time.

As long as you bring that something small to Jesus. And pray that Jesus blesses it.

Expect this, your lunch will become a feast.


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Great to be a Servant

Rather, whoever wishes to be great among you shall be your servant; Matthew 20:26

This is the world of the world.

The great men deserve to be served. You see them with bodyguard, opening their car door for them. You see them coming in to that building, his aide clasp the door knob for him and sways the door wide. He sits and his hot coffee waiting for him, earlier his assistant made it for him. He points to something and that something is brought by somebody to him. He calls somebody and that somebody approaches him with awe and awaits the orders of this great man.

That is not Jesus’ world.

He said whoever wants to be great shall be the servant. Greatness is hopping into the vehicle after all has taken their seat, he gets the most uncomfortable place in the house. Greatness is when you open doors for people, he doesn’t closes out on them. Greatness is putting food and water into somebody’s mouth. He points to something and he goes to that direction. He calls somebody and he comes to the feet of that somebody.

May I introduce you to greatness…

  • The mother who gave up her exciting career for her children.
  • The father who plays with his kids, dances with them after a full day at work.
  • The old driver of the vehicle where the youth of the church are in, going to their field trip after all the Sunday services. That driver is their pastor.
  • The young professional who goes to the inner city mission office to teach young kids about math.
  • The medical worker who visits her old and sickly neighbor, cares for her for free.
  • The young boy who sell lemonade during summer, keeps his income not for himself but for charity.
  • The young girl who celebrated her birthday, her gifts given to the orphanage.

No position required. No age limit. No office. No office hours.

Jesus calls them servant. Jesus calls them great.

It’s great to be a servant. For to be a servant, you must be great.

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It was not because you are the largest of all nations that the LORD set his heart on you and chose you, for you are really the smallest of all nations. Deuteronomy 7:7


That’s me.

We traveled along the so-called Endless Mountains, these humongous pile of sand, a usual thought came unto me — the revelation of how small am I. Every time I travel, I see how big is this world. I go to this place and see the vast seas, I realize how tiny is my space. How unnoticed my weight is, whenever I jump to rebound the basketball and come back to the ground, the earth doesn’t budge at all. I breathe and exhale and the world’s oxygen doesn’t move it’s gauge.

Yet God set his heart on the small, in fact the smallest. He does not go for the bigggies, he chooses the smallest.

Put yourself in those endless mountains and God’s eyes will zoom in into you. This world maybe large but your tiny space is next to his. You are just a mere dust in the oceans, however, God dives into it to search for you, to be with you. You seem to be weightless, yet God carries you gently and lovingly. He gives you this much amount of air, schedules it second by second, minute by minute.

It’s good to be small, after all.


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In Honor of Mrs. Cordero

We sat on the sidewalk.

Mrs. Rosalinda Cordero and I just came from the house of a classmate, Patty Tadifa, who was nursing a high fever during that week. Patty was our main school participant for the 4th grade District  Science Quiz Bee, I was her alternate for the said contest. On that day, it was evident Patty won’t make it to the contest, which was the next day, because of her physical condition.

As we sat on the hot cemented corner, Mrs. Cordero told me I have to take on Patty’s spot for the contest. She told me I have to step up. Of course, it is obvious she had no choice but me. However, she spoke as if I can win it. At this young age, I’ve never listened to someone who believe in what I can do and in what I can achieve. Even with the noise of vehicles and people passing by us, I can hear her words of encouragement and her confidence in me.

She motivated me that when I came home I revisited all the review materials and past contest questions she gave to us. It maybe too late but there was something on that sidewalk which gave me the drive that I can spell a difference tomorrow.

The next day, at about lunchtime, I was rushing to our classroom to inform my classmates I won the Science Quiz Bee.

I’m writing this not because I won. Win or lose, I know I already won.

For a teacher, my teacher, gave me a vision of the heights I can reach, that I can achieve more than what I can imagine.

For Mrs. Cordero, sat with me and gave me the faith that I can stand up to anything.


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Nobody said it will be easy

Jesus answered him, “Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head.” Matthew 8:20

You’ve seen these.

He came in late or his flight was delayed. He had to spend the night at the airport. Nowhere to go, he has to spend somewhere near the boarding gate or at the most comfortable place where he can rest – airport chair. When the dark hits the sky, his eyelids begin to fall. His head searches for the best fitting curve at the curve of the chair made of steel and plastic. He can also settle at the corner of the dim lighted room to keep his head from falling. Though his head does not really feel the comfort unlike kissing his pillow, his head rest at least for some time.

She was caught in the traffic thus she did not catch the bus. It was a holiday so people flocked the ticket booths. She had to settle to wait for an overnight at the station in order to ride the first trip. Her back looks for the bench. Her head bends down towards the top of this hardwood chair. During the day, these are for sitting. At this certain night, these would be the best bed she can have to rest her head. Hard not soft yet her head finds comfort even for this time.

That is comfort. That is rest.

Jesus’ disciples know none of these. Jesus admonished his would be followers about this, “Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head.” No steel chair. No hardwood bench. No corner of the room. Nowhere to rest his head.

If you are not comfortable, you are in his company. If you are comfortable, check the distance between you and Jesus. Following him requires persistence and perseverance. There is no comfort zone in his presence, there are challenges to overcome. There is no worldly rest, only heavenly peace. There is no easy trail, only rough roads to conquer.

If you get tired, be strengthened by his grace. If you get disappointed, be enlightened by his wisdom. Just fix your eyes on him. Follow him, no matter what. Serve him, whatever the cost. Love him, above all else.

You need to do that.

Jesus did not say it will be easy.

Nobody said it will be easy.


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